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How to get Youtube views, comments, likes and subscribers

How to get youtube views

If you have videos on YouTube you may have found out how hard it is to get plays. Many people will upload videos and expect hundreds of automatic hits to come in. This is rarely the case. What happens is they will be lucky to get a dozen views and as the weeks pass a few more hits at best will trickle in.

I'm Use a Service To Get Views. There are actual websites which offer services for getting views. They will find friends and subscribers based on your interests or will simply increase view counts in other ways to get you over that initial hump of having only a handful of views on your videos. Once your views get into the thousands then it gets ranked higher, more attention gets drawn to it, and the snowball effect occurs where it keeps growing and growing. But you first need to get into that thousand view range. This is where a service can help tremendously.

Here is an excellent services that can give you thousands of views on your YouTube videos:

Enhance Views

Enhance Views it is your portal to getting video views for FREE! Have you ever felt your videos were worthy of thousands of views, but no one has had the opportunity to see them yet? Enhance Views is the solution for you. We will build up your view count so that you appear more popular and get more people to click on your videos. And we do this all for free! Create an account and leave your computer on for a night and, without doing anything else, you've earned yourself hundreds of video views. We also have many other free offers to easily earn you views. So sit back, relax, and let us promote your videos.

We also offer the opportunity to purchase promotion in the form of real subscribers, comments, ratings, and favorites. We have a lot of plans in development that include a system to get real subscribers for free, and tons of contests. Stay tuned for many good

Easily earn credits by completing free offers

Automated Systems

1) Auto-watch Videos - Autowatcher 1.2.5 now available!
2) Auto-Comment and Like -- BETA

Quick Offers

1) Sub, Comment, Like, and Fav ( 7 videos available - 6 new )
2) Watch and Comment ( 4 videos available - 3 new )


Ever wanted to hit 10k subscribers? How about 1 MILLION VIEWS? Then your on the right thread. On this thread I will be teaching you how to get free youtube views/subs/comments and more. DOING NOTHING!

  1. Okay First Step Sign Up on This site.
  2. Now confirm your email, then login.
  3. Go to Download this program(Its a bot that views videos for you/subs/comments/likes (If your signed in). THIS CAN BE MINIMIZED. Now when running this, you will get "Credits" 1 for subbing, 1 for viewing, 1 for liking, 1 for commenting(But the bot does this all for you!)
  4. Add the EXACT Video name on youtube, the EXACT URL, Check what you want views, likes, subs, comments etc(It tells you how much credits each use) type in how many credits you want to use
  5. Hit Add now wait a while and you will get your views/subs/comments/likes.


- How does it all come together and work?
Fundamentally, you forward get credits for vigil videos that opposite people somebody submitted using our incomparable Video Surfboarding book.The playscript pretty
such does everything for you automatically, so all you pretty more hit to do is to sit bet and turn.
For each video you timekeeper, in metamorphose, you garner a 'assets'. Using the single credits you someone earned, you can then procceed onto submitting your own unequaled videos to u2bviews.

- How are you 100 percent completely sure that this will work?
Firstly, our method was intemperately tested on existing videos before effort unrecorded, and the results were quite auspicious. Essentially, here's a fast overview on how the credit/view system learning :
- Prototypical, you pose your video to u2bviews. Our unequalled playscript then checks how umteen views the recording has to advantage with. (it checks the views from youtube negative)
- You then put in the desired number of credits you want.1 credit = 1 view on YouTube.
- So for example: If you position a video wich already has 10 views on YouTube, and then you rank 10 credits on the video , the recording leave end up with 20 views on YouTube. (And only when the youtube furniture reachs that views, it will then be removed from our rotation/surf method).

- Is there an alternate way to gain credits?
Yep, we mortal oblong but yet ironlike referral group which you can use to get a lot of wanton credits!
You gift be provided with a unequalled referral statement, and if people cashbox using that contact and act earning credits, you present get 0.1 credits for each attribute they get. Rightful ideate... reffering more people can norm you can acquire heaps of credits right from else fill watching videos!

(The recording case betweek each recording is stochastic extremum 40 seconds to 70 seconds, it has a think to be similar that, because that way the views reckon equivalent 95% of the cases, they are statesman utile regularise on your youtube "hotspots" (hotspots is a film from youtube wich allows you to stoppage in wich parts of the recording group manus)

You Like Hits

This is my answer to those asking why youlikehits doesn't count youtube views. For those who do not know what is youlikehits.com, youlikehits is a site that will help you to increase your youtube view counts, to get followers on your twitter, myspace, stumbleupon and digg accounts, to like a fan page in facebook and other websites.

Before, youtube honoured the video views gained from youlikehits but now, youtube is no longer counting the views gained from the site. At present, youlikehits converted the "YouTube Views" section to "YouTube Subscribers" section. All you need to do now is to subscribe on every channel registered in the site and then click the "I've subscribed" button. Yes, you're thinking is absolutely right! You need youtube account here to get points but you have second option: To buy points.

There are million registered users in this site so you need not to fret that you cannot reach your targeted goal in getting likes, followers and subscribers. At times, because of many online users, you will only get few points, promise! That's how coveted the site is!

There are people who don't wish to subscribe or to follow user. They just look for someone to do the job for them either in fixed price contract or per hourly basis for the reason that it is cheaper than buying points. Some make another account but this is not advisable because it's hard to make accounts the second time around even you use VPN (IP changer). The site is stringent. But perhaps, experts can find a way!

In youlikehits, you can get result promptly on twitter, facebook, myspace, stumbleupon, digg, websites and in youtube. That's a guarantee but you need a lot of patience in clicking and following users to be able to get points. How can you do it? Well, you need your own twitter, facebook, google+, myspace, youtube, stumbleupon and digg account. That's the painstaking reality! Mandatory.

Mega Youtube Views

I think everybody know this site.
Its a Youtube exchange site, where can u watch videos for credits.
And if u earned lot of credits, ull convert that into cash.
Just u click " Begin Viewing " to start the autoviewer

Read this before you start! :

The server will ban you if you use a popup blocker... You will also get a lot of errors that will stop the viewer, so it is kinda pointless... If you get banned by the server for using a popup blocker, then it automatically adds a note to your user, and you will not be unbanned no matter what you say, and your credits will obviously be gone.

I heard one more problems before:

Do u hate, when u see the new pop up video?
U dont want to see that?
Well, here u can solve!
Its not cheat, not bots, just simple:

1, Use 2 browsers (Firefox and Google Chrome) never use InternetExplorer
2, Open the autoviewer in 1 browser
3, Mute sound in that browser
4, Open other browser, and enjoy anti pop-up
5, Simple and easy

For more Views, Comments, Likes use this Services

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