среда, 15 августа 2012 г.

Increase YouTube video views for free

First you need Sign Up to EnhanceViews

This tutorial easy and fast Increase YouTube video views, cooments, likes and subscribers

To begin, you are going to have to get a few browsers that you dont already have.
These browsers include:
- Mozilla Firefox
- Internet Explorer
- Opera
- Google Chrome
- Maxthon 3
- SeaMonkey
- RockMelt
- Comodo Dragon
- K-Meleon
- Safari

You can get any browsers you dont already have here: http://www.webdevelopersnotes.com/design/browsers_list.php3

Open Up "Auto Watch" on either Firefox OR Google Chrome. ONLY ONE OF THE TWO!

Open Up "Auto Comment and Like" and "Subscribers" on all browsers.(For Opera You can have 2 Normal Tabs and 2 Private Tabs, so 2 different Youtube for Opera)

Thats a total of 11 Different Youtube accounts you will need for all of these browsers.

Lastly, www.enhanceviews.net New "Submit a Youtube Account" Feature, under Earn Free Credits, will also increase your daily credit/ sub credit income ALOT. Spend a hour or two making Youtube accounts to donate to this feature and it will make credits for you! (As of now these accounts will only get you sub credits, about 24 a day, but once they start getting regular credits, your income will sky rocket!) And you can have an UNLIMITED number of accounts for this feature!

So just leave your "Auto Watch" and "Auto Comment and Like"/"Subscriber" WIndows Open all the time and watch your Credits/ Sub Credits SKYROCKET!!!

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